Extreme long term durability testing

In response to our ambitions to supply the most robust LED linear lighting with our LEDlines, we have developed an extreme test procedure since the beginning of 2020 with the intention of exposing the luminaires to this over a very long period of time.

Normal IP tests are far from the real-world situations. For example, it is sufficient to claim IP68 after an underwater test of barely 30 minutes; without taking into account climatic influences. We strive for tests that are more extreme than the situation “in the field”.

Our endurance test is made up of continuous cycles consisting of conditioning at -30°C for 120 hours, immersion 4m deep for 72 hours, conditioning at 60°C for 120 hours followed by submersion 4m deep for 72 hours; then everything starts all over again.

Today 21/10/2021 we can note that the LEDline with serial number 32219 is still in perfect condition after 4680 hours at -30°C, after 4680 hours at 60°C and after 5760 hours of immersion (undergoing a temperature difference of 90°C for about 375 times)

Meanwhile, the test continues…

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